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Prototype PSU assembled and tested!

The PCB’s that I sent off about 2 weeks ago came in from PCBCART and they looked nice.

Without further ado, I went ahead and whacked all the components on there and gave it a test.


See the pictures… 😀 😀


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Posted by on March 28, 2014 in Electronics and Circuits, Projects


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2 AAA battery 5v and 3.3v PSU

Just cause I wanted to, and also if it work, it may power future projects that I might fancy, I decided to design up a Power Supply Unit which supplies the 2 most common digital logic voltage levels using either 2 rechargeable or single use AAA batteries.

With a single non rechargeable AAA battery measuring in at 1.5v and a rechargeable AAA 1.25v, 2 of them in series would give me a max 3v. To get it up to 5v, I started looking for a Boost Converter.
I eventually settled on the MAX1674 SMPS, mainly because it was cheap and had fairly good efficiency at higher load levels.

I then stepped the 5v down to 3.3 using the RT9198/A linear regulator.

Throw in an LED to indicate that everything is running smoothly and walah~! Behold the design!!

The board is 26mm x 16mm

All that’s left now is to actually build it and test it…

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Posted by on February 27, 2014 in Electronics and Circuits, Projects


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