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[Complete] AAA PSU Parts List and Files

Here’s the promised list (Yes I source most of my parts from Element 14…)

[IC] MAX1674 1*$8.24 = $8.24
[L] 22uH 1*$1.87 = $1.87
[C] 47uF Electrolytic 2*$0.21 = $0.42 (min reel of 10)
[C] 100nF Ceramic 2*$0.05 = $0.10 (min reel of 100)
[R] 200k SMD 1*$0.009 = $0.009
[R] 20k SMD 1*$0.06 = $0.06
[R] 100k SMD 1*$0.017 = $0.017 (min reel of 5)
[Subtotal] $10.716

3V3 Linear Reg
[IC] RT9198 1*$0.19 = $0.19
[C] 1uF Ceramic 2*$0.022 = $0.044 (min reel of 10)
[Subtotal] $0.234

Misc Parts
Right angle 2 header 1*$0.30 = $0.30
Header plug female 1*$0.50 = $0.50
AAA battery holder 1*$2.45 = $2.45
Solder + Power/Gas (est) = $1.00
[Subtotal] $4.25

PCB (From PCBCart)
Single board = $3.68
Tooling coast per board = $4.549
Postage per board = $2.213
[Subtotal] $10.442

TOTAL per Board = $25.642

Standard Footprint Lib
Inductor Footprint
Capactor Footprint

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[Complete] AAA powered PSU

The final boards arrive this morning (woo~!).

Wasted no time in assembling one. Was not my best soldering work, but it was also the first time I had soldered something this dense.

It works well and the changes I made supress the ripples a heap better than the prototype board.

[Edit] Component Costs and Files

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Prototype PSU assembled and tested!

The PCB’s that I sent off about 2 weeks ago came in from PCBCART and they looked nice.

Without further ado, I went ahead and whacked all the components on there and gave it a test.


See the pictures… 😀 😀


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[Update] 2 AAA battery 5v and 3.3v PSU

I decided it would be wise to create a simpler PCB for the first iteration to make sure everything works. I used the same schematic, just re-did the board layout to put most things on the top layer and also broke out all the pins on the SMPS.

I ordered the parts earlier this afternoon from Element14! Just need to get the boards sent off soon.

Hope this all works out!

[New Layout]


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2 AAA battery 5v and 3.3v PSU

Just cause I wanted to, and also if it work, it may power future projects that I might fancy, I decided to design up a Power Supply Unit which supplies the 2 most common digital logic voltage levels using either 2 rechargeable or single use AAA batteries.

With a single non rechargeable AAA battery measuring in at 1.5v and a rechargeable AAA 1.25v, 2 of them in series would give me a max 3v. To get it up to 5v, I started looking for a Boost Converter.
I eventually settled on the MAX1674 SMPS, mainly because it was cheap and had fairly good efficiency at higher load levels.

I then stepped the 5v down to 3.3 using the RT9198/A linear regulator.

Throw in an LED to indicate that everything is running smoothly and walah~! Behold the design!!

The board is 26mm x 16mm

All that’s left now is to actually build it and test it…

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New desktop PC build

So, I’m now in the process of drawing up a new build since my current PC is having stability issues and is overall old

So without further ado, this parts list so far:

New Parts
[$399] CPU – Intel Core i7 4770K LGA1150 CPU 3.5Ghz – Source
[$430] Motherboard – ASUS MAXIMUS VI FORMULA – Source
[$245] RAM – Corsair DDR3 Vengeance PRO 2400MHz 16GB (2x8GB) – Source
[$649] Graphics Card – EVGA 780 Dual FTW ACXSource
[$125] Case – Fractal Design ARC Midi R2 – Source
[$149 + $10] CPU Cooler – NZXT Kraken X60Source
——–WITH Replaced Fans
——–2*[$33] Fan – Noctua 140mm NF-A14 – Source

[Subtotal: $2073]

Salvageable Parts
[] PSU –
[] Sound Card – Sound Blaster Titanium XFI Fatality Pro

Considered but rejected parts:
[$85] CPU Cooler – Noctua NH-U14S – Source
[$88] CPU Cooler – Noctua NH-D14 – Source
[$125] CPU Cooler – Zalman R3MAX Liquid Cooling – Source
[$109] CPU Cooler – Zalman LQ320 – Source

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