About Me

I was born in South Korea in 1991 and moved to Australia 1998.

I graduated Emmanuel College in 2008 with an OP of 6 and proceeded straight into my Bachelors of Engineering (Electrical and Aerospace) at the University of Queensland. I focused more on the software and electronics side of the degree, with a little bit of embedded systems and controls engineering to broaden my skill set.
I expect to graduate mid this year after I complete my 60 days of professional placement.

Some of my hobbies include:

  • Playing piano (which I’m not all that good at, but I enjoy it)
  • Watching anime (Check out My Anime List)
  • Writing (Check out my Wattpad page)
  • Photography (Check out my deviantArt page)

I have a twitter, but I don’t really use it…

I’ll be updating this blog with chapters of my novel “Eyes of Coal” plus any other writing projects I take up.
I’ll also be writing about any projects I might be involved in.

I hope I put out content that’s interesting, but if not, I plan on running through with this anyway.


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